New Hot Water System Contract Signed

The Board voted 4 in favor and 1 abstention to approve Western Pacific Mechanical’s bid to install three (3) new Heat Pumps.

The proposed Scope of Work will be turnkey and include the following:

1.    Remove and legally dispose of existing heat pump and all nonessential plumbing appurtenances.
2.    Removal and legal disposal of existing storage tanks.
3.    Remove and legally dispose of existing gas heaters.
4.    Install three (3) new Colmac heat pumps (HP4 series) with corrosion resistant stainless steel cabinets.
5.    Install Six (6) new 115 gallon Ruud commercial grade storage tanks.
6.    Install new safety relief valve and temperature/pressure gauge on new tanks and heat pumps.
7.    Install new electronic temperature control for new heat pumps.
8.    Install dielectric isolation unions on new tanks and heat pumps.
9.    Connect new tanks to existing main hot/cold water lines.
10.    Connect new heat pumps to new storages tanks. Upgrade piping design on storage tanks to maximize energy efficiency.
11.    Electrical sub-contractor to connect new heat pumps to existing service. Includes new, designated disconnect switches.
12.    Install new (elevated) corrosion resistant support stands under heat pumps.
13.    All necessary brass, bronze, copper and miscellaneous plumbing material.
14.    Insulate all new hot water piping with closed-cell elastomeric insulation.
15.    Seal/caulk all pipe (wall) penetrations.
16.    Patch roof at existing “coil” support leg penetration locations.  (see Note #1)
17.    Touch up exposed metal components on new support frames with galvanized paint.
18.    Shut down and start up of water heating / mechanical systems. Check for proper operation.
19.    All necessary labor, material, equipment, freight, sub-contractor, trucking and disposal fees.
20.    One (1) year parts and labor warranty on new work, materials and equipment.
21.    Manufacturers Limited Warranty on new heat pumps and storage tanks.
22.    One year (biannual) preventative maintenance service.

COST TO COMPLETE:    $98,689.18 including GE Tax

The Board was initially looking at a Solar system with a gas backup but the costs for engineering for the storage of the hot water and the cost of the system proved to be prohibitive. The Board also looked at a full solar system and a solar with heat pump system, but both were more expensive and the ROI (Return On Investment) and pay back period did not work out for those systems.

The Board is saving the remainder of the roof spaced to use for Photovoltaic (PV) to generate electricity for the building.



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