Hot Water System Replacement Project

The Board has been studying the replacement of the current hot water system for a little over a year. The building currently has a Heat Pump system with a propane gas boiler backup. The gas boiler dates back to when the building was built and the Heat Pump has been in service for many years and is on its last leg.

The Board has been working closely with the Gas Company and been monitoring the gas prices which have been steadily climbing. We are currently paying roughly $5.12 per gallon for propane.

Part of the strategy is convert from propane to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). This will save us roughly $0.70 per gallon. This conversion will require all of the units stoves to be modified the run on SNG. This modification will be done by the Gas Company.

The big question is what type of system to go with. In 2011 the Board was ready to implement a high efficiency gas boiler system, but then economic factors derailed the project. Gas prices shot up significantly and the price for the new higher efficiency solar panels came down. Thus, the Board had to go back to the drawing board. With help from the Gas Company and Ferguson Enterprises the Board is looking at 2-3 solutions.  These solutions are a combination of either Heat Pump, Tankless Gas Boilers, and Solar. In order to determine which is the most cost effective for the Building the Board has begun a study of the hot water usage.

Flow Meter

Flow Meter

On Friday 3/17/12 a flow meter was installed on the Building’s Hot Water line. This will measure usage and give the Board a computer model for current usage. The Board will use this information to go out for bids on the various types of systems.


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